Jordan : I would like to learn how to become the best small plus defender

Came to space jam 11 Angeles after the road has been criticized cleaves a lot of people , from Griffin to Paul , he has to force them to play a greater use of energy stimulation . But with the exception of DeAndre Jordan , Rivers has been encouraging , encouragement, continue to encourage .

Because in order to build the team of the defense of Rivers , he has been looking around the boat up and down, as a defensive axis fit only one person : DeAndre Jordan and this so bitterly Grizzlies , though boats eventually lost by 102 than 106 , but the Jordan , he had the opportunity to look carefully at how we can be like Marc Gasol , as a person support from a whole defensive system.

Gasol is the 2012-13 NBA Defensive Player of the season , although he did an amazing vertical jump ability, but on their own election -bit smart , strong confrontation, and scheduling for the entire defense , Gasol has a well-deserved to become one of the league ‘s strongest defensive center , all this is what Michael Jordan is to learn, “When I rushed outside defense , I can not see anything behind their own , ” said Paul speedboat leaders , ” but I know , DJ ( DeAndre Jordan’s initials ) will be responsible for it , he would at the helm of our defense, tell us which direction up against . ”

Season so far , Jordan playing time from last season’s 24.5 minutes to 36.7 minutes soared , averaging 11.2 points 13.5 rebounds and 2.3 blocked shots, all three data set a career high , which ranked third in the league in rebounding , averaging ranked first cover Fifth, there is no doubt become a mainstay of boats inside . ” Now, I’m in the whole game shouting , ” Jordan said , “As long as I’m playing , I would constantly remind his teammates , so they are always hear my voice, and I think this is my job .”

And true insider ‘s top defensive player compared to 25 -year-old Jordan has still immature, he will be flying opponents shake a feint , are therefore , in his zone , the opponents hit rate can be maintained at around the basket about 63% , while Marc Gasol can put the opponent down to 51.4% , the eastern two defensive center Tyson Chandler , Hibbert is able opponents were down to 40.5% and 35.0% , but the boats generals who are identified Jordan has made great progress.

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” Trapeze ” Michael Jordan – a set of elegance, power

Amount , air jordan 11 space jam, improvisational ability in one outstanding athlete , he redefined the meaning of NBA superstar , he is recognized as the world’s best basketball player , not only in the era he lived in the entire history of the NBA Michael Jordan are is the best. To the greatest basketball player , he endowed with magnificent and legendary basketball career , and his inevitable huge influence to get people to the sport pushed him to the altar . Elegance, speed, strength, full of artistry, perfect creativity and improvisation very strong desire to win a combination of …… Jordan re- interpretation of the ” superstar ” means.

• In the eyes of most people , there is a history of Michael Jordan to

• At the same time superstars of the Jordan acknowledged supreme

Position on the magician Elvin Johnson (Magic Johnson) said: “Jordan at the top , and then what we .” In Jordan the second season ‘s playoff game against the Celtics , he it is crazy to take 63 points Saihoulali Byrd (Larry Bird) , he commented : “Today is a God disguised as Michael Jordan in the game .” Jordan last 5.2 seconds , the slave – Karl Malone hands steals into victory. a ball , helping the Bulls to a total score 4-2 win over the Jazz . Bulls get a second three-peat , six championships in eight years . Jordan left the world a classic never be repeated , at that moment , Jordan ‘s name and history of the Bulls dynasty came to an end in the years of the title page ! ! !

• In his post
Industry career, he won a total of six championship rings

1991 winning the first NBA championship reign is the beginning of 1990-1991 season, Jordan averaged 31.5 points per game scored in the regular season MVP Jordan led the Bulls fell swoop reached the NBA Finals that year and a 4-1 defeat , ” Magic division, ” Johnson led the Lakers Jordan himself was named finals MVP which is the rate the Bulls Michael Jordan won the first championship Bulls dynasty began in 1992 won the championship second overall average 1991-1992 obtained 30.1 per game in the regular season for the second consecutive finals MVP MV,

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while the parents are happy for this little baby

February air jordan 11 space jam common day , black area of Brooklyn , New York , where filled with street violence and drugs. A black family welcomed the arrival of a little life , while the parents are happy for this little baby , while concerned about their families may not afford a fourth child support payments . But no one knows the baby grew up to change the world. For many of our memories Jordan , where God did not say wonderful performance in a variety of field , one that God’s foot —- Jordan basketball shoes . Jordan issued a generation from the outset it was banned Union, because it was not allowed to coach the Bulls to wear these shoes God , reason is lack of coordination with the team’s uniform colors , and David Stern is open to Jordan out of the ticket , the first $ 1,000 , the first sub- $ 2,000 child , until the final $ 5,000 per game , which finally led to a mad rush to buy Joe 1 . So for the first time Nike has also rocked the Converse basketball shoes in the position . Jordan generation using white black and red tricolor , hard rubber outsole system , without any scientific and technological content , in fact, this pair of shoes is very heavy, but it is the beginning of an era.

Jordan 2 generation compact design is the main reason many people hooked on it , winged basketball moved from the upper tongue . Scientific and technological content of this subsection shoes are still not high , it’s still hard wear-resistant outsole, but elegant in the upper of the selected materials a lot, this paragraph shoes debut in 1986

Jordan 3 generations This is truly the first generation of trapeze air-cushioned shoes , Nike first use of a visible air cushion , is located in the bottom section of the shoe. This is the first time Jordan series with a trapeze signs , then this flag was officially adopted into the Jordan brand of various goods . Joe 31987 was officially launched

Jordan 4 generations , this shoe is its most striking upper : dynamic trapeze signs, handwritten words flight full of sense of jumping . It is this unique design to save the Nike brand and trapeze , as two generations, three generations of sales is not very good . Configuration: the heel cushion , rubber forefoot cushioning .

Jordan 5 generations, was launched in 1989 . The first application of a reflective material, also used the new Nike developed to clean the mesh surface and soles. This shoe in function follows the four generations of technology , more modern appearance , more beautiful, jumping forefoot lateral stripe design, and the Jordan logo on the tongue are considerably

Jordan six generations , was launched in 1990 . Because the Bulls 90-91 win season seems different. 6 generations in the design first proposed interlocking rubber laces loose concept, this song is very popular at the time closely , designers to apply it to the laces on six generations , it can easily fasten shoelaces also play good decorative effect. Was advanced in the sole use of translucent rubber sole , enhancing grip. If you look closely will find the body hidden in the shoes of the words “23″ , 2 is the upper side of the support of a large pattern composed of three outside of the bottom of the pattern is the sole

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he redefined the meaning of NBA superstar

Trapeze ” Michael jordan 11 space jam- a set of elegance, power , art, improvisational ability in an outstanding athlete , he redefined the meaning of NBA superstar , he is recognized as the world’s best basketball player , not only in which he of that era, in the whole
Hall of Fame HD Photo ( 20 ) Michael Jordan is the greatest in NBA history . In the eyes of most people , Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player ever , he endowed with magnificent and legendary basketball career , and his campaign for the enormous influence of the inevitable let people pushed him God altar . Elegant , perfect speed, strength , rich artistry, creativity and improvisation very strong desire to win combined …… Jordan re- interpretation of the ” superstar ” means. Even superstars who have recognized the same period of the supremacy of Jordan , Magic Johnson, Elvin (Magic Johnson) said: . ” Jordan at the top , then is our ” second season in Jordan playoffs against Kay Stewart human race , he is crazy to take 63 points. Saihoulali Byrd (Larry Bird) , he commented : “Today is a God disguised as Michael Jordan in the game .” Cursory look at what Jordan has done : ” Rookie of the Year five times the regular season MVP, 6枚finals rings, six finals MVP, 10 time first-team , 14- time NBA All-Star Game , three -time All- star Game MVP, was selected NBA50 50 years , scoring 10 times (NBA record and seven consecutive scoring and Chamberlain also arranged the first one) , while the highest average retirement was 30.1 points … ” but the impact caused him far more than these honors and titles. When he first joined the league , he is a first step with a sharp , gorgeous breakthrough and acrobatic dunks of natural scorer. And when he left , he has become a symbol of a culture. In his basketball career, he dazzled with the pitch and field performances elegant personal demeanor conquered the public, but also accelerated the process of promoting the globalization NBA , he is worthy of the king . He is an approachable yet maintained a mystery man. “Air Jordan ” is his sign , his signature basketball shoe ad overwhelming, of course, he also speak other products , have been in the movie Space Jam ( Space Jam ) starring and co-operation with his Michael Jackson MV Jam retired back twice and twice until the end of the 2002-03 season before hanging up his boots again. Jordan saying: “I can accept failure , but can not accept to give up .”

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